Avocado Skateboards Exhibition 27.3.15

Binder Bua / Marokko / Pics Jan Schiefermair

edit: the boys

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loose grooves

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unsere Nr1

Dr. Thomas Fuchs at his best
edit: Jan Schiefermair 2011

Super new shit from the behind scene. Yes brothers and sisters, as you want to call me a retard. I for real made that music with my new piano that i got from the binda. It is some kind of sound you can found in the mental department, but for nothing less a schilling. This video includes a lot of hot and topic material with: Peter, Stefan, Susi and the hot girl with the blue dress. Happiness for everybody. Get some get comes. Lose the pills you found.

- C. Schörghofer November 2013 -

Riders on Fire by C. Schörghofer

filming & edit by Christian Schörghofer

edit: Patrick Galanis und Fabio Blanco

still stackin´

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blast from the past: Genova-Italy 2009
edit: Carlo Cassan


Gewinner des Freestyle Breakdance Battles: ALEX PASCH

Fotos: Jan Schiefermair